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Like most manufacturers, it’s likely you need to solicit new clients, update current ones and announce new products or capabilities — all while meeting or exceeding the marketing and communication efforts of your industry competitors.

But what are the most effective channels to reach your target audiences? What sales appeals will work best? What marketing materials deliver the most for your money? To establish and maintain strong connections, relevant communications are key.

Well experienced, American Speedy Printing understands the challenges that manufacturers face when communicating to the specialized audiences that include your prime prospects and customers.

With our professional assistance, you can:

  • Enhance your website to appeal to prospects and customers. A website is the go-to resource for most of those who are seeking to learn more about your capabilities. Make sure it’s updated with the latest information, photos, specifications and more. Also, be sure it’s easy to navigate and posts clear calls to action that encourage viewers to contact you or request quotes.
  • Exhibit at trade shows to reach specialized audiences. Due to their broad appeal, television and newspaper advertising is of little use to industrial firms that sell to distinct audiences. That said, these prospects regularly converge at trade shows to see the latest from those in their industry. We can help you identify prime event marketing opportunities and also create the brochures, displays, branded giveaways and even business cards that will help you make the most of your effort and budget.
  • Maintain contact with interested parties via email. Intended for people who have “opted in” for ongoing communications from you, emails can be produced and distributed relatively quickly and economically. This makes them an ideal way to announce updates, promote events or otherwise stay “top-of-mind” through regular communications. We can help by developing content and deploying your email campaigns to drive interest and engagement.
  • Reach potential buyers and current clients with direct mail. Using mailing lists you’ve created from your own database or purchased from other resources, direct mail in the form of letters and postcards lets you pinpoint key audiences more effectively than other media. From sourcing your list and creating your mailers to printing and even posting them, we can assist with it all. Use direct mail to announce new capabilities, introduce products or even acknowledge loyal clients by including branded promotional products as gifts.

Whether you need expert assistance with any one marketing tactic, several of them or all, American Speedy Printing stands ready to help. Give us a call and we’ll give you a hand.

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