Brand Marketing

Tactics and technologies to attract new prospects and keep your current customers coming back for more.

With more options than ever, marketing a small or medium-sized business or organization is more challenging. All the more reason you should look to American Speedy Printing as your local source for comprehensive and cost-effective business communications.

Whether you’re seeking to build brand loyalty, drive traffic to your convention booth, promote a grand opening or reach out to new prospects who demographically are “clones” of ones you already have, we can help.

Of course, the most effective brand marketing campaigns are those that begin with a sound marketing strategy. Experts in assisting operations like yours, we can help you map out a blueprint for success.

One recommendation? Multi-channel marketing. Rather than devoting all your efforts to one tactic such as direct mail, use two or more. For example, promote your new product at trade shows with emails that alert current customers to your presence and postcards to new prospects you’ve identified as likely to be highly interested. Then, at the show, use custom graphics to lure visitors to your booth, where you’ll demonstrate your new product’s advantages with hardworking displays. We can help you pull it off – and bring it all together!

Another highly effective brand marketing tactic – and one that’s literally “out-of-the-box?” Promotional products such as pens, mugs, clothing, bags or other merchandise that is branded with your logo, are a great way to promote your brand and build your business. According to a study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, nearly 40% of consumers who received a branded item from a marketer with whom they had not yet conducted business reported they were more likely to do so in the future.

As your local, single-source solutions provider, we have many other great business communications solutions all of which are backed by the insights to help you increase consumer engagement and ultimately, sales.

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Tactics and technologies to attract new prospects and keep your current customers coming back for more.

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