Variable Data Printing Boosts Direct Mail Response Rates


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TargetCustomerOne of the beauties of digital printing technology is how it can be used with traditional marketing direct mail to make a bigger impact and drive greater response. Take personalization, for example.

Variable data printing technologies allow marketers to deploy large direct mail campaigns that communicate on a one-to-one basis with prospects and customers. Important? Recent research shows that 86% of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions.

What you know about your target audience can help determine how you’re able to customize your messages. Consider versioned mailers that reflect:

•A recipient’s name or company name
•Offers based on past purchases or other information you know about the recipient
•Personalized QR codes and URLs
•Varied images based on a prospect’s age, gender or interests

Fundraisers take note: Variable data printing is almost essential for solicitations, allowing you to tailor messaging to past donations. For example, offering an established $100 level donor the option to check a box of $50, $75 or $100 opens the door to a lesser gift. A more effective approach would be to use variable data printing to remind donors of their last contribution and ask for a match or increase.

Looking for more ways to make your print communications work harder? American Speedy Printing can help.

Joe_Harrison Joe is passionate about helping SMBs. He’s spent the last 25+ years building the American Speedy Printing Marketing • Print • Mail brand – and sharing best practices and marketing trends with his customers. Through research, in-person visits and this blog, he hopes to engage with and empower local business owners and marketing professionals.

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