Multi-Channel Marketing

The Right Message, The Right Channel

Today’s customers are exposed to a vast amount of information delivered by a multitude of channels. In fact, research has shown that the average North American is exposed to 5,000 messages per day, of which only about 50 are noticed and only four or five are remembered.1 How can you be heard over all the noise?

A comprehensive multi-channel strategy includes:

  1. Mobile Marketing – More than half of all North Americans have a smartphone or tablet.2 Take advantage of the platform today’s customers increasingly use to find local products and services.
  2. Direct Mail – Consumers still prefer printed mail over email. Economical postal options help you create local mailing programs that deliver maximum ROI.
  3. Email Marketing – Nurturing customer relationships and providing welcome, relevant information is one of the key advantages of email marketing.
  4. Signs, POP and Outdoor Solutions – Dynamic in-store displays and out-of-store ads are a traffic-building one-two punch in your local marketplace.
  5. Social Engagement – Customers are more likely to trust you if their peers say they can. Cultivate positive reviews and referrals to attract new customers at minimal cost using social media channels.
  6. Web Marketing – Whether your customers are interacting with you on mobile, laptop or desktop, your campaigns can integrate smoothly across all of them.
  7. Print – Create powerful and lasting impact with printed brochures, flyers and other marketing materials.

Let’s start finding you more customers and new sales. Want to learn more first? Take a look at our marketing strategy guides.

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