Putting It All Together for You with Bindery

If you plan on printing a piece such as a book, brochure, calendar or calendar with multiple pages, look to American Speedy Printing as your single, convenient source for document binding. While you may rely on the handy old three-ring binder as an option, we offer much more professional and presentable ways in which to put together your multi-page pieces.

Of course, the right document binding technique for your particular job depends on a lot of factors. These include how the printed piece will be used and how long you expect it to last, among other considerations. Let us know your needs and then let us be your guide on recommending the most cost-efficient bindery option for you.

A full-service resource, our print binding options include:

  • Saddle-stitching secures loose-printed pages with staples down the middle of a folded sheaf of papers. Side-stitching is a similar method where the pages are stapled about one-quarter inch from the spine. An economical choice, many booklets are saddled-stitched.
  • Comb binding holds pages together with a plastic comb and allows booklets to open flat. Offered in different colors, it is often a popular choice for meeting materials.
  • Coil binding is similar to comb binding but more durable. You might select this option if you want your presentation binders to fold flat and yet last longer.
  • Twin-loop wire binding is even stronger than comb or coil binding. It’s more elegant in appearance, too, and perhaps most appropriate for higher-end marketing materials. One drawback? Stack too many materials and the wire loops can bend, making opening and closing your binders difficult.
  • Velo binding is a great option if you want to make your document difficult to copy! While it looks great, stacks easy and offers long life, velo binding will not allow a booklet to lay flat when opened, nor will it enable the easy removal of pages.
  • Perfect binding is the type you see on paperback books. Well suited for manuals with many pages, perfect bound materials look great and stack easily. That said, they do not lay flat or allow pages to be removed.

No matter what your project, American Speedy Printing can help you find a bindery solution that pulls it all together! For more information or to request a quote, find a location near you.